Floral Trends We Are Loving For 2019

Locally sourced floral trends
Monica Scotland

Monica Scotland

Monica is a mother, flower shop owner, and creative thinker, here to encourage and inspire you.

Locally Sourced

Locally sourced floral trends

There has been a big trend recently to go as local as possible with your florals. Anytime we can support local growers for flowers, we are all about it. We are passionate about supporting small, local flower farmers for a few reasons. First, supporting small business means the world to us. Supporting small business means supporting big dreams and we know a little bit about that! Secondly, by shopping locally for your flowers you are doing good things for the planet. Less transport for the flowers means less pollution and your flowers are much fresher because they were most likely cut only a few days before you use them! One of our favorite type of flowers to source locally are Garden Roses grown by Grace Rose Farms. They are a California rose farm and their roses surpass any others we have worked with, the colors and rare varieties they carry are outstanding and sure to impress. These high-end specialty garden roses will make your event feel luxurious and timeless.

Dried Flowers

dried flowers

Dried and preserved flowers are making a big comeback right now in the floral industry. We are noticing some of the best designers in the industry utilizing these components in new and fun ways. We love incorporating dried flowers into bouquets to give them a very artistic and custom feel. Dried flowers can really elevate the overall aesthetic of your event, by adding unexpected texture and movement. They also make a beautiful keepsake as they are treated and preserved making them last forever. Some of the colors that we are loving are whites, browns, and pinks.

Brown Flowers

brown flowers

We are seeing a ton of really gorgeous brown flowers making their way onto the scene and we are loving every bit of it! Some of the brown flowers that we have been using at the shop in our design work are imported Japanese sweet peas, Chocolate tulips, and toffee roses. These flowers are very exclusive and rare. These are some of our favorites that add such an elegant and sophisticated look to our arrangements. The richness of these tones add a warmth unlike anything else. So if you are looking for a way to stand out this year with your event, you should definitely ask us to incorporate brown flowers!

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Monica Scotland
Monica Scotland

Monica is a mother, flower shop owner, and creative thinker, here to encourage and inspire you.

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