How to pick the right item from our flower menu

how to choose the right flowers from our flower menu
Monica Scotland

Monica Scotland

Monica is a mother, flower shop owner, and creative thinker, here to encourage and inspire you.

how to choose the right flowers from our flower menu

One of our most frequently asked questions is, what should I order for my specific occasion? If you have wondered this yourself, don’t worry, you are not alone. We are here to help!

We intentionally designed our flower menu to be very simple, making it easy to order the flowers you need. Unlike traditional flower shops that have an overwhelming amount of options, we have distilled it down to 3 of the most popular sizes. So let’s break it down. There is the small, medium, and large vase arrangement. Easy right? Our flower style is consistent with everything you order, so you really just need to decide how much you want to spend and how big or small you want to go!

Two things you need to know- your size and color palette. How big are the different sizes? So glad you asked. If you go to the shop tab on the home page and select daily flowers you will see all of our sizes there. When you click on an item, there are several pictures below it that showcase the color options and someone holding the arrangement to give you an idea of scale. Easy right?

 Based on the occasion you are ordering flowers for will help determine the size. For instance, are your flowers going to a hospital room? Then you would probably want to go with something smaller, since they tend to not have a ton of space in hospital rooms to place flowers. Are the flowers going to an office where they will be on someone’s desk? A small would be perfect to go on a desk or a side table.  

Our medium size is definitely our most popular size.  Which is really great for all occasions. This size makes a great centerpiece for a party, or perfect for a birthday, or anniversary gift. This size packs a punch without going too over the top. 

Now if you are looking for something with that wow factor, then you are definitely going to want to order the large vase arrangement. This is a statement piece, that is great for an entry table piece for a party, or an anniversary. The large size is also a great option if you need something for a funeral service, but don’t want to order a standing easel. This size is great when you are looking for some drama in your flowers. 


Now let’s talk color!

Again, we make it really easy for you to choose a color.  We know that deciding on a color, when there are so many can be overwhelming. So we have carefully curated 3 color palettes that are the most popular. 

The 3 color palettes are Soft neutral, Bright and cheery and Jewel tones.

As shown in the picture above, is the soft neutral color palette. It’s light and muted tones are beautiful and understated, while still maintaining a lot of complexity and texture. This palette is made up of soft pinks, whites, lavenders and beige. This would be great for a sympathy or romantic occasion. If you still aren’t sure if the recipient will like these colors, think of how they dress or how they decorate their house. Do they love bright, loud colors, or are they more of an understated person? This is a great way to figure out what they will like best! But really, flowers are already beautiful, so it’s hard to mess this up. You will find examples of all three of our color palettes on the website when you click on a daily flower menu item. 


Bright and Cheery is great for any type of fun celebration, such as a birthday or an anniversary, or for anyone who needs some cheering up. These colors tend to be very popular during summer and spring. A fun and playful mix of bright and bubbly colors such as the ones shown in the picture above.

Finally, out Jewel tone palette. These colors are deep, bold and saturated. Rich reds and deep purples, accented with rusty burnt orange tones. This is great for a romantic occasion or for anyone who enjoys a more dark and moody color palette. So there you have it! A breakdown of our color palettes and our simple sizes and what occasions they work in best. Hopefully this has been helpful and has clarified any questions you may have had about our menu.  Again, as stated previously, they are all beautiful flowers that anyone would love to receive, regardless of the color. The fact that you want to send flowers to someone is a beautiful gesture in it’s self. So don’t over think it!

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Monica Scotland
Monica Scotland

Monica is a mother, flower shop owner, and creative thinker, here to encourage and inspire you.

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