Spring Workshops!

Spring Workshops​
Monica Scotland

Monica Scotland

Monica is a mother, flower shop owner, and creative thinker, here to encourage and inspire you.

Spring Workshops

Spring Workshops​

We are so excited that Spring has finally arrived! This is the best time of year when the widest selection of flowers are available. So of course we knew this would be the best time to have our series of Spring workshops! There are 3 workshops that we are currently offering for our Spring series. The first of which we had just a few weeks ago. It was our spring vase arrangement workshop, where we taught our attendees how to prep their own flowers properly, prep their vessel like a pro, and design tips and tricks to achieve our signature Twig and Vine Florals look! We sourced premium product from our trusted wholesaler to ensure that our guests had a great product to work with. Our team is passionate about creating an experience that is welcoming and fun, leaving you feeling refreshed. There are always fun surprises at our workshops that will bring a much needed change from your daily grind. Our workshops are more than just playing with flowers, although that is great. We love that idea of offering a beautiful space where we can build community and foster creativity, two things that at the heart of our shop!

Floral Cocktails!

dried flowers

Dried and preserved flowers are making a big comeback right now in the floral industry. We are noticing some of the best designers in the industry utilizing these components in new and fun ways. We love incorporating dried flowers into bouquets to give them a very artistic and custom feel. Dried flowers can really elevate the overall aesthetic of your event, by adding unexpected texture and movement. They also make a beautiful keepsake as they are treated and preserved making them last forever. Some of the colors that we are loving are whites, browns, and pinks.

Bring A Friend!

Spring workshops at Twig & Vine Florals in Whittier, CA

It was such a lovely morning coming together and learning something new and witnessing these sweet ladies stepping outside of their regularly scheduled program. Whether you come to one of our classes with a friend or fly solo, we promise that you will leave the workshop with more than you came with, in the best possible way. More skills, more community, more joy, more growth. It’s awesome to see these women who decide to invest in themselves, taking the time to fill up their tank so that they can continue to give to all of those around them. We get the privilege of working with a beautiful medium that opens a door to come together and create beauty in a big way. Getting to know our followers and clients on a more personal level is so life-giving and the heartbeat behind everything we do here at our shop. We are so grateful to all of our customers who continue to support our business and we look forward to hosting more workshops in the future. If you missed our last workshop and are excited to join in on our workshop fun, click HERE to sign up for the next one. Spots are limited, so don’t wait!

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Monica Scotland
Monica Scotland

Monica is a mother, flower shop owner, and creative thinker, here to encourage and inspire you.

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